Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Pursuit of Love

And as she waited,tons of questions scurried her mind..."Why am i doing this?I don't want him to know.Or should i just tell and keep things simple...."Suddenly, there was a loud clap of thunder.She looked at her watch."Damn,its been forty minutes, and he is still not here ".She knew that she had to do this.She knew that he loved her too.She saw it in his eyes.He was the one who would always be there whenever she needed support.He was the one who would be there whenever she was lonely.She knew that she loved him.She knew that she loved him truly.But, maybe, he didn't.
But, things weren't the same few months back.They were just friends.She didn't like him for his conceit and promiscuous ways.And he couldn't stand her for her down-to-earth simplicity.Yet, they became friends.And once they started knowing each other, they realised how wrong they were.Today she waited..she wanted him to know that she loved him, she cared for him.And there he front of her, with his affable smile.Pangs of nervousness again raced her body.He was wearing the bracelet she gifted him last week.."So gal, how are you?".She was startled."Am doing great.And you?When is your college starting?"She knew she had to tell him.She had to..really had to.
"Anyways, why did u call me here? Anything urgent?Need help with assignments?"She could envisage that night... she was absolutely clueless about her electronics assignment and had no way but to ask help.And the only person she could count at this gruesome hour was him.She took her phone and dialed his no."Hey dumbo, why do u call at this hour?"."Did i disturb u?",she sounded remorseful."Well, not really.But m gonna kill you if i miss my morning classes,u silly gal.""I needed help for this circuit stuff.Could you just pull me out of the pit?"She wasn't shocked when he gave an affirmative answer.Well, this was just one of the instances when he had helped her.
"Hey silly, what's bothering you?".Oh...She came back from her dreams."Ahh..nothing.I just needed to tell you something". He seemed curious.She again felt pangs in her system.But this time she had to.She couldn't hide it forever.
And, then, she started..."Well,i wanted you to know something".Again,there was a pause.She continued."I don't know how you gonna react to this.I actually never liked you.I never imagined,even in my wildest thoughts that we would share such a special bond.But, more than that,I never imagined that i would start liking you."There was a deep silence.As tears gushed from her eyes,the Heavens seemed to cry with her too.A light rain began to fall.She took a deep breath.Courage was the only thing she needed at this moment.She looked at his eyes.They seemed to speak a lot to her.And somebody spoke.But this time it wasn't her.It was him."I knew this would happen.We have grown so fond of each other.But we both know we can't be together.Life isn't only about love.Its about so many other things.The first time i saw you..i knew i was in love.I had never seen someone as innocent as you.But i needed to bury my feelings.I needed to suppress my feelings.Its not that m cynical about love.But m scared of being hurt.M scared of loving you more than myself.M scared that you would leave me like my first love."She seemed upset."First love?" "Yeah.I was madly in love with this gal.We seemed to be so made for each other.We loved everything about our relationship.We were so much in love.We wished that time would stop and we would be with each other forever.But..God is always cruel.She left me.She left me for another bloke.I seemed to be infamous for my arrogance.And she needed a 'goody two-shoes'.I was left in the lurch.What did i get for loving her? Betrayal? Sorrow? what? That day i decided never to love anyone.These words just look good in fairy tales.They are damn surrealistic.When i met you, i found someone i could trust.I felt that you could understand the 'real' me.But, whenever i thought of loving you,my wounds seemed to get deeper.I can't love you.I can't love anybody." It had started raining heavily.She couldn't see but she knew that he was in tears.Nobody spoke for a moment.Then, she said calmly,"Don't worry.I would be your friend always.I can understand your grievances.But, life is no vicious circle.My mom speaks a lot about 'Karma'.As they say,"as you sow,so shall you reap".You have hurt many with your arrogance and bluntness.I don't tell you to look at life with rose-colored spectacles.But then,we live once and we should try to make the most out of it.Try to look at the beauties of life.Learn to love God.Learn to love yourself.You can find happiness within yourself.Just broaden your vision.Maybe we were never meant to be together.But, i assure you that you will find me near you..wherever you matter..wherever..........."

P.S : resemblance to any character living or dead is purely coincidental! :)

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  1. ... nice love story to end in an unconventional note.. reals ones may be like that only ...mix and match of reality n fiction making it loveable .. looking for more ...